Common Problems


We have too many headaches with our current technology

I have a need for employees to work outside of the office

My current technology is so slow


We have out-of-sync versions of software

I have infrastructure that's getting older

I need to do more in less time

I have limited IT staff or expertise to implement or manage

I have multiple locations that are costly & complex to manage



I have no visibility with what's going on with IT


I need to spend less money on IT


I'm tired of continual investments









We have limited disaster recovery and continuity capabilities


I need to meet and maintain compliance requirements



































How We Solve Them

Increase Your Productivity

  • 80% few IT related issues than in-house technology
  • Anywhere Any Device Access to applications and data
  • Standardization - familiarity
  • Better Speed - resources independently tested to be faster than Amazon and Rackspace
  • Better Performance - less disruption and downtime
  • Always enjoy the latest up-to-date software applications

Simplify and Streamline IT

  • More efficient management
  • Easy to use integrated consoles
  • Automated provisioning - turnkey and customizable
  • Centralization removes local network complexity and cost
  • Self-service
  • Proven design eliminates guesswork and planning

Grow your Business

  • Reallocate your existing IT resources
  • Agility - move quickly, in minutes instead of days and weeks
  • Competitiveness - enterprise technology at a fraction of the cost

Reduce Cost

  • No more servers and related infrastructure to buy
  • No more software to buy
  • We extend the useful life of existing pcs and notebooks
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Scale with your business (up or down)
  • Savings generally 15% or greater

Improve Security

  • Leading practice cloud architecture independently validated by Citrix
  • Greater visibility and control, including mobile devices
  • Multi-layered and overlapping approach
  • Physical security

Avoid Disasters

  • Daily incremental and full nightly backups
  • Multiple copies of data
  • 30 day rolling retention of data
  • Backups held at a separate geographic data center
  • Avoid interruptions
  • Pickup where you left off... 

Meet Regulatory Compliance

  • AICPA SOC and SSAE-16 Audited Data Centers