Purpose-built innovation
to transform your business


We want you think differently about your IT.  Recent technology changes are radically changing the business landscape, and creating new opportunities. Calyx makes your business more productive, more profitable, and more competitive. 
Keep pace with Calyx Framework!


Uncomplicated Experience


Holistic, Not Piecemeal


Simplified and Predicable Pricing






Benefits to OUR Approach

We Make your life easier

Our customers experience a dramatic reduction in IT related issues, generally greater than 50%.  Less issues equals less headaches and more time available for getting work done.  You no longer have to think about or fuss over your technology.  Framework Workspace removes the time spent on guesswork, and we supported everything we provide you end-to-end.  

  • Unencumbered access to all of your applications & data from any device or location
  • Insanely Great Customer Service
  • Single point of contact for all things technology related
  • Team dedicated to your needs

Put more focus and energy towards what you do best.


We make you more productive

We enable you and your employees to securely work anywhere, from any device, and at any time.  Our advanced features and functionality increase your ability to get more work done, and collaborate better.

  • Empower your team to be more productive, collaborative, and mobile
  • Your email, contacts, calendars and tasks sync automatically
  • Instantly chat message with anyone in your organization regardless of location
  • Deliver and run your applications anywhere
  • Standardization leads to greater familiarity & proficiency, less time training

"No matter how much money you have, you can't buy more time."  - Bill Gates


We make you more profitable

Framework Workspace reduces your capital and operating costs. Our customers generally save 15% or more over traditional in-house technology.  Calyx Framework enables you to stop buying costly capital infrastructure, and relieves you from all the associated costs that go with it such as managed service support; software licensing; maintenance & upgrades; repairs; energy costs; or collocation fees. 

  • No hardware or software to purchase
  • Extend the useful life of desktops 

And less downtime and delay equals less wasted time and money.


Holistic, Not Piecemeal

From the ground up, Calyx Framework was built as a seamless integrated cloud platform.  It includes all of the essential technology, and more, to successfully run your organization.  We've carefully thought of everything from A to Z, and use the best cloud technologies available.  The experience is rich, and never piecemeal.

As the name implies, "Framework" is open to allow you to build within, and outside of its structure.  This purposeful design flexibility allows you to add your business specific applications, data, and preferences - we start with the solid foundation we've built and tailor fit it to your individual needs.

"Well done is better than well said" - Benjamin Franklin


Fully Managed


Our pricing is easy to understand

Our products and services priced simply, one cost per user, per month.  

  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Pay-as-you use pricing
  • No long-term contracts or commitments

We put your mind at ease

We know having to make technology changes for your organization is unwelcome.  We know you are thinking about the added commitment to your time while trying to stay on top of regular tasks, the potential impact to your employees, having to crunch the numbers, obtaining reliable information, selecting the right partner, and ultimately what are the best decisions to drive your organization forward.  

We know these things because we've done them too, and helped others just like you.

We're transparent

New ideas and ways of doing things, that turn old problems on their heads, are challenged by the outdated vanguard. So we use knowledge and transparency to combat our competitors. We know you are smart enough to understand the differences between Calyx and other providers, and are capable of making up your own mind on what's best for you, once you have all the facts at hand.    

We publish our complete Product & Service Index so you can accurately compare the quality of our products and the depth of our services, and every month we report our customer satisfaction scores, and our platform performance, for all to see.  Click here.   




We make you more secure & resilient

  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery
  • Backups housed at a separate data center facility
  • Leverage new technologies to remain relevant and competitive


We make you faster with a "better than local" IT experience

  • Better than local IT experience
  • Better availability and uptime - click here to see our current numbers
  • Better speed and performance - 
  • Less local Internet bandwidth demands
  • Technology optimized for better experience
  • Agility

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