A wonderful experience by design


We have great technology that does amazing things for you, but it's our human relationships that matter most.  Everything we do centers around the belief that our outstanding service and support makes us the better IT solution provider.  


The Calyx Difference:

Personalized Service - We are passionate about our work and making our customers happy.  The heart of our promise is to deliver an exceptional experience in every single interaction.  You'll know your team on a first name basis, and they'll know yours too.  

Alignment - We get to know you and your needs intimately. Your pain. Your goals.  This helps us to understand to focus and maximize our value and benefit to you, and help you more easily achieve those business outcomes you seek.   

Deep Support - Simply put, we do more.  We are your single point of contact for all things IT related so you can focus more time and attention to your business, not IT.   

In-Sourced - Our solutions are built & supported by us for greater control over the quality of our products, and extends our reach to service your needs more fully and quickly.  With Calyx you're buying from the source, not re-sellers who have several layers of middle-men.  So in addition to a superior product & service experience we're often more cost-effective too. 

Transparency - We openly report our platform availability and customer service satisfaction ratings, and share what we do and how we do it.  All the details.  This makes it easier for you to compare the quality and features or our products, and the breadth and depth of our service, when you are considering your alternative choices in the market.

Our Guarantee - we understand you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the Calyx experience firsthand, and we also know change can be scary, so all of our products are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.  If we haven't satisfied your expectations after working with us for 90 days we will refund every dollar you've spent with us.  It's that simple.    

Flexibility - we accommodate special needs & customization the big guys simply cannot

I'm ready for a better IT partner