The transition is no longer a burden 


We know what it takes to move to the cloud successfully.  We guide you and your employees through every step of the journey, handling every detail large and small, so you can remain focused on your important work at hand.  



Zero implementation costs, plus our 100% money-back guarantee. All you have to lose are your IT headaches!  


What next steps look like

We conduct a comprehensive assessment in advance of a quote to confirm your business is a qualified for Framework Workspace.  We then build your new environment with zero interruption to your current IT operations.  You'll get to login, test, and verify everything is ready to go right from your office.  Our implementation team will be onsite with you and your employees until you are ready to meet our help desk team, the folks who'll take care of you after your move. 


Sales Discovery
Technical Discovery
Quote & Report


Create your plan
Create your environment
Test and Verify


Onsite Training
Onsite Preparation
Onsite Assistance

***We can transform your businesses technology in as little as four weeks***

Moving FAQs: 

Q How much does implementation cost?
A: With other providers it's often thousands of dollars but with Calyx the cost for the assessment, setup, migration, training and onsite assistance is zero.  

Q: Nothing for the implementation???
A: We think our relationship together long-term.  Our considerable time and energy is our investment in you to remove obstacles and earn your business. 

Q: Is training included?
A: Yes, onsite training with you and your employees is included before, during and after go-live.  We also provide you with additional self-help guides and tutorials.  

Q: How difficult is it to learn how to use Framework?
A: If you can log into a webpage using your email address and a password then you can quickly use Framework Workspace. It's an easy experience you are already familiar with, just better.  

Q: What do I have to do?
A: We ask that you confirm the information we prepare for you is accurate, to test and verify your environment's functionality when we hand you the keys, and help us to coordinate dates for your training and go-live. 

Q: Can I use my current pcs and printers?
A: Over 99% of the devices we encounter are ready for Framework Workspace, but we'll confirm this for you during our assessment.  Click here to view our minimum specifications

Q: Can I retain seperate data backups independent of Calyx?
A: Yes, but optional fees apply. You'll own the relationship with our third-party backup and disaster recovery provider, and can access your backups though them directly.

Q: Can't I do all the same things myself and save money?
A:  The short answer is no. You would have to spend many times over to achieve the same result.

Q: How hard is it to move away from Framework once I'm on your platform?
A: We are very proud to say our customer retention rate is over 98% but our agreement stipulates the following should you decide you want a change - 1. you own your data and it's your property, 2. we will return all of your data on a storage device provided by you, or we can provide you with an encrypted storage device at a nominal cost, 3. we will cooperate fully with your new partner until the date your services expire. Moving anything takes work but we put it in writing that we won't be an obstacle to your change.    

Q: How is Framework priced???
A: Calyx has developed an easy-to-understand "per user" pricing model.  You only pay for what you use monthly, and discounts are applied at various volumes.  

Q: Is my data secure?
A: Your data is of the highest importance.  We employ an overlapping multi-layered security approach utilizing the best technologies and leading validated practices - some of which include data centers that meet rigorous independent auditing & testing; physical security measures; remote video surveillance; biometric access requirements; network intrusion detection; secure encrypted gateway technology; identify management; 2 factor authentication

If your company does not have all of the items mentioned above then our platform is more secure than your office.  Click here to view our detailed Product and Service Index for more details.  We are happy to share further, including tours of the data center if you'd like.        

More questions?  Call us today to talk about your business